Scheduled Job Still Running even though its deleted and not in Managed Jobs

Hello Everyone,

I was going through scheduling a BIP job and later deleted it and still the job was running and failed because of no report in the path.
When I went to Report History I could not find the deleted job. After talking to Oracle it seems that its a bug in BI Publisher. Please find the alternative approach to this issue.


1.      Find the Parent Job ID


SELECT DISTINCT issuer, owner, parent_job_id
FROM   xmlp_sched_job
WHERE  user_job_name LIKE 'Report Name'
AND parent_job_id is not null.


 2. Purge the hobs in the following order from the Quartz tables.

delete from QRTZ_CRON_TRIGGERS where trigger_name = 1234;
delete from QRTZ_TRIGGERS where trigger_name = 1234;
delete from QRTZ_JOB_DETAILS where job_name = 1234;

You should be good to go. !!

Jethin Abraham

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