Upgrade Issues and Fixes from Informatica 8.1 to Informatica 9.1 on RedHat Linux

I had faced some upgrade issues and please find the issue and the resolution to the fixes.
    1. Error occurred loading library libclntsh in informatica admin console

          Reason: The Informatica Repository is finding for this particular library file which is                 present after the installation of Infomatica. This is present in Informatica library path               and not the Oracle Client.

     Resolution: Add to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH  the Informatica library path.

     Note: Please refer the link below to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
               Configuration and Upgradation of Informatica 8.1-->9.1


    2.  The backup file           

      C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.1\server\infa_shared\Backup\Oracle_BI_DW_Base.rep's       code page (UTF-8 encoding of Unicode) is not one-way compatible to repository                  Oracle_BI_DW_Base's code page (MS Windows Latin 1 (ANSI), superset of Latin1).

        Unable to restore Repository.

     Reason: The code page set up in the Linux box is Unicode while our database where          the repository content is present is in MS Windows Latin 1.

     Resolution : Please set the LANG_ALL and LANG=C in the Environmental Variables          location and restart the box or source the profile and this issue will be resolved.

     Note: Please refer the link below to set the Language Variable


     Configuration and Upgradation of Informatica 8.1-->9.1,


    Reason: This issue will occur only if the upgradation is to be taken place in completely         new environment. In the repository schema the hostname is referring to the old box while     the new host name is a different name.

   Resolution : Change the hostname to the currnent Informatica 9.1 box in the OPB_REP       in the informatica schema in the database

Note: Please refer the link below to set the host name in the Informatica Schema

    Configuration and Upgradation of Informatica 8.1-->9.1,

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