Screen disappears after choosing Desktop Class in Oracle Server 11G R2 installation

Hi All,
I was recently installing Oracle 11g R2 64 bit installation in  my local. I have done this step multiple times but this time after choosing the setup and in the 3 or 4the step choosing the desktop class option the screen disappears. If you try looking for the logs there is no entry.

I sat with this days until I found a  solution and hence would like to post it.

If you face this type issue check the following things

1. Run the setup.exe as Administrator as well as a normal user
2. Place the installation in a path where there is no space.(Avoid using the installation location as desktop)

After doing the above checks and till you have this issue then make sure your Java is stored in C:\Java location and not C:\Program Files\Java location as this is the main issue for this.

Steps to resolve the issue
1. Install Java 64 bit in the C:\ location.
2. Then open the command prompt as Administrator and traverse to the path where you have the setup for the installation.
3. The write the command as mentioned below and then you will see a pop similar to the action where you double click the setup option and then your issue will be resolved.

setup -jreLoc C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_45

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