Passing All Choices in Presentation Variables

Hi All,

I was working on this report and had faced this issue and took some time to work around it so thought would be helpful to post it.


I have a dashboard which has reports from different Subject Areas and I'm using a Presentation Variable in the Prompts to filter out the report data. This is quite simple and can be done easily but when choosing 'All Choices' option I'm getting an error


Here I have a Quarter column and the users want to choose All choices to get YTD.
The first thing we have to understand is when All choices are chosen then the OBIEE is actually passing a  NULL value. This is dynamiclly taken when its prompted. When passed through a presentation variable then we have to add this filter condition.

>  In the report click on the column filter condition and Advances SQL Result. In my case it is for the Quarter column. I used this condition

Time."Calendar Quarter" = case when '@{QUARTER}'  IS NULL THEN CAST(Time."Calendar Quarter" AS CHAR) ELSE '@{QUARTER}' END

Save the report and is sure to work.

Till next time :)

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