Bypass the password in RPD in OBIEE 10G

 Follow the steps below to bypass the password of the RPD.
The default Authentication type for OBIEE is NQS but when we uncomment AUTHENTICATION_TYPE=BYPASS_NQS by removing the # symbol,it bypasses the default authentication and enables the user to open the RPD without any password.It can also be used for resetting the password of the RPD or sharing your RPD with others without sharing the credentials.To revert it back, modify the NQSConfig.ini file and comment out the AUTHENTICATION_TYPE = BYPASS_NQS again. Restart the BI services.

Once you restart the BI Services then open the Administration Tool and open the RPD of your desrire. Keep the password empty and click enter. This will direct you to the RPD. Now set the new password and uncomment the changes in NQS Config  because anyone will be able to access your RPD otherwise.

Till then Cheers !! 

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