Error in importing metadata in OBIEE 11G

I was working with the an rpd where the database was in another machine. 
When I do an import of data using the import metadata method 

Tool > File > Import > from Database

I am getting an error "Connection failed"

In my earlier blogs I had mentioned that if we are using Oracle Database we have to choose OCI  method. (For more information click on the link  OCI connection information).

Well here I used the OCI method and I created a new tns connection and placed it in the tnsname.ora 


Then when I tried connecting it still shows connection issue.
If I connect to my local orcl connection it works perfectly with this OCI method but when I try accessing another database it dosnt work.


OBIEE HOME\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIApplication\coreapplication\setup.

 In this file location there is a user.cmd file.

Right click on it and edit the file and give in the location of the tns.ora. After adding this information save it and if required restart the services.

Once this is done the connection issue will be resolved.


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