The connection has failed” error in OBIEE 11g Admin tool

I am using a Oracle Database and was facing an error while importing metadata from the Oracle Database. I connected via the SQL Client and works perfectly. Then while doing the step 2.b it worked perfectly for me.

  1. In the Select Data Source screen, in the Connection Type field, select the type of connection appropriate for your data source, such as ODBC 3.5.
Make sure to choose OCI 10g/11g if your data source is an Oracle Database. Using OCI as your connection protocol to an Oracle Database ensures better performance and provides access to native database features that are not available through ODBC.

For non-Oracle databases, it is recommended that you use ODBC 3.5 or DB2 CLI (Unicode) for importing schemas with International characters, such as Japanese table and column names.

The remaining fields and options on the Select Data Source screen vary according to the connection type you selected:

a.       For ODBC 2.0 and ODBC 3.5 data sources, in the DSN list, select a data source from which to import the schema. Then, provide a valid user name and password for the data source.
                                                i.      Note that when you import through the Oracle BI Server, the DSN entries are  on the Oracle BI Server, not on the local computer.
b.      For OCI 10g/11g and DB2 CLI (Unicode) data sources, provide the name of the data source in the Data Source Name field, then provide a valid user name and password for the data source.
For Oracle Database data sources, the data source name is either a full connect string or a net service name from the tnsnames.ora file. If you enter a net service name, you must ensure that you have set up a tnsnames.ora file within the Oracle Business Intelligence environment, in
 After doing this step I could import the tables without any issues.

Cheers and have fun !!!

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